Something quite exciting has been happening in New Jersey, at least for one player. A poker player called MikeyCasino has just managed to take two consecutive Sunday $50,000 guaranteed tournaments, and now he is gunning for his second one. Clearly this is no amateur who has just rolled in from the Golden Cherry to see what poker is all about, but someone with a more professional outlook on the game who is certainly going to be quite hard to beat over the coming weeks if his current form is anything to go by. His real name is Michael Azzaro, and when you learn that he comes from New York and actually travelled into New Jersey in order to play, you begin to understand how it is that he was able to win so successfully.

“I’m from Yonkers but when I heard online poker was legal again in NJ, I came down to AC to play a live event and logged onto to play the 50k guarantee as well,” said ‘MikeyCasino’. “I will definitely be playing this Sunday to go for the hat trick. In fact, my buddies and I are talking about renting a place in New Jersey so we can play on more regularly.” Azzaro has been spotted at live tournaments in the past, and so it is perhaps no surprise really that he has been able to rack up back-to-back wins in the $200 buy in event, taking the field in the second win against 265 players, up by 50% on the previous week. It took him almost 9 hours of play to take down the biggest guaranteed online poker tournament in the Garden State, with a win of $8050 in the first week and $7091 the second week, with only a total spend of $400 for those two entries.

“’MikeyCasino’s’ on quite a roll,” said Team partypoker member Scott Baumstein. “If he can make it three in a row this weekend, he’ll be well on his way to claiming a spot in both the New Jersey and the poker history books!” He will certainly be attempting to claim that second victory this Sunday, so take a look out for him in the tournament which starts at 7:30 PM, and if you enter make sure that you try your hardest to go avoid going up against him for as long as possible in order to build your bankroll and prepare. Some players have been complaining about the fact that he was able to win two weeks in a row, with some of them even saying that the tournament set up as it is at the moment is not fair, and there have been reports that the operators of the site are thinking about changing some of the rules in order to accommodate what players want. In the meantime, however, it looks like there is one player who has a target on his forehead as the one to beat for those taking part on Sundays.