In most online casinos, the only condition for playing is becoming a member and making a deposit. US casino deposit methods allow all players to be comfortable in parting with their hard earned money. The methods are safe and reliable and it lends an air of integrity that players trust.

Mode of Payment
US casino deposit methods refer to the modes of payment available to players when making their deposit. While there may be a handful of online casinos that do not require a deposit, not many players would wish to forgo making a deposit as these usually come with bonuses from the casino. In most online casinos making a deposit always follows after registering for membership in the site. After going through the simple registration process, new members will be brought to a page where they can choose the amount of deposit they wish to make as well as the mode of payment they wish to use. All online casinos accept major credit and debit cards such as Visa or MasterCard.

All online casinos likewise accept some of the top electronic payment systems like Neteller and ClickandBuy. Other modes of payment that are generally accepted are wire transfers and money order. Players will not have a hard time making a decision at this point as online casinos would outline all the options clearly and all the new member has to do is click o their choices. The amount of minimum and maximum deposit a player can make would depend on the method of payment they choose. There will be an internal verification procedure that the casino will conduct before accepting a deposit. In the case of a wire transfer there would be a 24-hour verification period.

Withdrawal of Winnings
In the event that the player would like to withdraw his winnings and just like the US casino deposit methods, there are a number of rules to be followed when making a withdrawal. The software program running the casino typically designs the whole withdrawal procedure according to the casino’s standards. There would typically be a cashier button on the main screen. Then the player will be brought to the withdrawal methods screen where players can pick the amount of withdrawal and the manner it is to be done. The usual minimum withdrawal is $100. The request for a withdrawal could take up to four business days to be approved and there might be one more business day before the amount is finally credited to your account.

Players can expect an email notification form the casino upon crediting of your withdrawal to your account. It is the casino’s security department that clears the withdrawal. For first time withdrawal, a form that can be faxed back to the casino has to be filled out first prior to the approval and the release of any funds. While many may balk at the seemingly difficult steps in withdrawing funds or even making a deposit, players should keep in mind that the procedures are in place to ensure the security of all transactions done online.