If you have been playing at Tidy Bingo, then you will no doubt have noticed already that they have made quite a few changes to the promotional schedule lately. This makes them a fantastic addition to the online bingo circuit, as we all too often see a case where a new brand will launch a network and then just sit back with their promotions and expect everything to go fine. Tidy Bingo have not been resting on their laurels in this way, and they have in fact launched several different exclusive promotions ever since they first opened in August 2012.

There are a number of new promotions already listed on the promotions page at the Tidy Bingo site, so make sure you take a look at all of them in order to find out how to claim them and what they will be worth to you as a player. The one that we are focusing on today is the one that we find most exciting, the Tidy Lotto. This is your chance to win up to £50 in bonus funds or £25 in direct cash each and every Wednesday. This is a free opportunity, so it is one that you should absolutely go for every single time! In order to be eligible for the Tidy Lotto promotion you just have to you have deposited at least £20 during the previous month, but this is not such a big requirement and there is no extra cost needed for you to join in on every subsequent Wednesday for the whole month. All you have to do in order to try and win is to send an email to the Tidy Bingo team which includes your username as well as six randomly chosen numbers, on the first of every month.

Then, once your email has been sent, you just have to wait around for the next draw on the following Wednesday evening, and log in to the site to see all of the results. This game actually mirrors the National Lottery draw, though of course the rewards will be a lot smaller if you do manage to get some wins: for three main balls matched, you will get a £10 bonus or £5 cash. The bonus or cash goes up to £20 or £10 for four balls, and then at five balls you get £30 or £15. It is £50 or £25 which awaits those who manage to get the six main balls matched, and while this is a much lower prize than what you would get on the actual lottery, you have to remember one key thing – this draw is free! That makes it great value, and even more so when you remember that this exclusive promotion is not available at any of the other sites which are on the same network, but is completely unique to Tidy Bingo. With a welcome bonus available for new players too, this is sure to attract a lot of attention.