The Free Slot casino site, which is a sister casino to Slotland and WinADay, has recently announced that it will be available in two more languages, with a third one coming along very soon. This site, which offers slot machine games such as the time that you would find at Slot Madness available to play for free, already has a dedicated following in the English market, but it is now available to Dutch and Russian players as well, with a German translation slated to arrive during the next week in order to allow it to be enjoyed by a much wider audience of people.

The free to play slot machine game site offers nineteen unique free slot games which cannot be found anywhere else, in order to allow players to try the games for free and have a great time without having to put down any bets. This is a fantastic solution for those times when you have run out of your bankroll and yet you are not going to be seeing another payday for a week or so, as it means that you still have something to play without actually having to place those bets. It has been a great success so far, and now the operators are hoping to launch three additional versions of the site sometime in 2014, which will cater to the Italian, Spanish, and French language markets. Even though it is only just now trying to break into those extra European markets, the site has actually been available since 2000 on the Internet, and caters to both beginner slot machine fans and avid players who have been around for years, so there is something to suit everyone no matter what kind of level you are at in terms of your experience of slots so far.

One of the most exciting features of the site is the fact that they offer real money prizes, which are available through daily tournaments that have unique styles and different types of gameplay. With the selection of unique slot games that they have and these daily tournament prizes, there is certainly a lot of appeal for this free site, and now that it is available in more languages we are sure to see that the amount of people who are using it on a regular basis goes up. We can certainly expect to see a good reaction to this change, as it means that more people will be able to get hold of the games on the site and try them out for themselves. Normally with slot machine games you do not need to know much about another language in order to play them, besides perhaps needing to know what the spin button looks like, but when it comes to the bonus rounds and also to the tournament gameplay features you really do need to understand what is going on much more clearly, which is when it is very beneficial indeed to be able to read the rules in your own language.