Over recent weeks and months, we have certainly been seeing a lot of news coming out of New Jersey in terms of partnerships between land-based casino firms and the online operations who are joining with them to create new online gaming sites. Creating something which allows them to compete both on land and online with the likes of sites like Cherry Red, Boyd Gaming, who launched their operations in New Jersey back in November with the Borgata Hotel Casino And Spa, have now announced that they have a further partnership with the online casino solutions firm Bally Technologies. This partnership will allow for the launch of Bally’s award-winning iVIEW Display Manager with the Elite Bonus in Suite across eighteen of the Boyd Gaming casino properties in seven states.

The iVIEW Display Manager allows gaming operators in the properties to show content such as they accounted formation of the player, their bonus offers, and direct marketing messages on the main game screen or tops green within the actual casino floor. This new technology will be put to work in order to offer players in all of the venues some new and exciting gaming experiences, which will also allow the company to provide more bonuses more often and customers. This is sure to be an exciting new development for the sites which are involved, as it means that everyone will be able to get more out of the casino experience – and it always feels really special to see your name flash up on the big screen and find a message which is targeted straight to you for a more personalised experience. This is the kind of special touch which really makes land-based gaming still have a relevance within the modern gaming industry, as it is no longer just the impersonal experience of sitting in front of the machine but rather one in which the machine interacts back with you.

This is also a good step forward for Boyd Gaming, as this kind of technology is in use in a lot of land-based venues across the US and indeed the world, so this brings them in line with many of their competitors and allows them to retain customers more easily thanks to this extra technology. They will be able to monitor the results of the installations by looking at factors such as how long players stay at the special machines for, whether they are more likely to return to the casino after they have been given a personalised message, and other such factors which will be easy to spot for those who are analysing the data from player cards and looking at the revenue which the casino earns as a whole. Innovations like this really allow the casino industry to move forward and to give players exactly what they are looking for in terms of a whole experience which includes personal messages, direct marketing, a larger amount of bonuses, and many more enticements to stay at those machines for as long as possible.