Slots Oasis Casino

Slots Oasis Casino

We decided recently to try out the Slots Oasis Casino, having never played there before, in order to give our readers an idea of what it is like and whether it is worth going there. The look of the whole site is certainly very impressive, with an imperial purple in the background and gold details that just look great. You get the impression of being in ancient Egypt amongst the pyramids, with the animated site banner featuring birds rising through the rays of the sun – is it coming or going? That is probably a bit of a philosophical question! Either way, there are some pretty neat animations on their home page, such as the words in their header turning to hieroglyphics when you run your mouse over them, which certainly gives you a preview of what you can expect from the games themselves.

There is a great sign up bonus that we just could not resist advertised right there on the front page, which will seem very exciting when you see it the first time! Few casinos offer something this good, and it is not the only bonus they offer either. We will not mention any specifics since they seem to change their promotions regularly to benefit players of different games, but if you would like to know for yourself then the list is easy to find on their site.

On to the most important factor though – they have some really great games on offer! There is a good selection of table games, slots, progressive jackpots, and speciality games, so no matter what you like to play you should be alright here. There are plenty of Egypt themed slots, of course – you can try out Jackpot Cleopatra’s Gold and Cleopatra’s Gold, Boy King’s Treasure, and Pharaoh’s Gold, among other things. These really fit in well with the site design and you will enjoy them more as a result, so if you want to try out those particular slots then this is definitely the place to do it.

What else can you expect at the Slots Oasis Casino? The progressive jackpot is pretty impressive; when we visited it was already up to $6,071,346, so there is certainly a nice amount of money to be won here. They do not skimp on their pay out tables and they have frequent winners, which is all good news and exactly the kind of thing that you would want to find at a place like this.

We were happy with the assurances that we received from Slots Oasis Casino to do with their security as well, so that about covers all of the things that you would want to be sure of. They even have a referral program and a VIP program with bigger bonuses, jackpots, and cash back rollouts, as well as a greeting gift as a thank you for joining their program, and this will certainly sit well with those who wish to become regular players at their online casino site.